3 Easy Ways To Involve Children in Redecorating
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3 Easy Ways To Involve Children in Redecorating

Kids start forming strong opinions and a sense of a taste at a young age, and there’s no better place to reflect their personality than their very own bedroom.  It’s important to allow children to express themselves from a young age, and getting involved in DIY projects can help spark their creative flair.

Obviously there are health and safety concerns when it comes to DIY and redecorating, but we shouldn’t be so over cautious that we refuse the help of our kids.  Children will mainly enjoy researching and shopping for the new items in the room, and will leave the adults to get on with wallpapering the walls and putting together the furniture.

However children can be enthusiastic about decorating, especially older children who crave responsibility.  Read on for a list of safe and fun solutions for involving eager kids in the bedroom renovation process.

  1. Make a Scrapbook

Kids will let you know what colours and themes they love and hate for their bedroom, but they need assurance you’re going to get it right.  The best way to let children think they have control of the process is to look for inspiration together.  At the design stage, make a scrapbook or a moodboard and stick in photos of themes, furniture and design features your child would like in their room.  This is also a good way to teach children about compromise – obviously they won’t be able to have everything they want and decide to stick in their scrapbook.

  1. Decorate with Stickers

Sometimes children’s rooms can look cluttered with so many colours, patterns and designs; children also change their tastes rapidly as they grow up.  The most practical way to deal with this is to choose one colour to paint the walls, then decorate the room with stickers.  Wall art stickers are also a fantastic way to allow children to make their own choices about the design and layout of the walls, as they are safe and easy to apply so can stick the images themselves. Fabristick stickers can also be repositioned multiple times, without damaging the wall or surface, allowing children to play with the designs as often as they wish (and without parents worrying!)

  1. Customise Everything

Revamping a room isn’t just about changing the décor or colour scheme; it’s just as important to think about the contents of the room.  Kids love to unleash their creativity in every possible way and in the bedroom there are plenty of opportunities.  Older children could make their own cushions for a window seat or to scatter on the bed, and younger children might want to make their own crafty storage boxes or toy chests.  The possibilities are endless, but it is a good idea to let children handmake some items in their bedroom rather than buy everything; it will keep costs down and keep them busy for a few hours!

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